About Dina Thacker

Dina Thacker, the women behind the label, a self-made artist and designer with passion for ancient heritage. The crafting of her collection involves careful selection of embroidery, fabrics and cuts with the aim of demonstrating the omnipotence and timelessness of culture. The designer juxtaposes the classic with the modern by drawing on traditional motifs within contemporary cuts and silhouettes. She discreetly links each technique of embroidery to preserve its distinctive skill from artisans who have inherited it from generation to generation.

About Ishka

‘Ishka’ was derived from the names two precious daughter Isha and Kavisa. The girls remind Dina Thacker that every individual is an original creation and thus the vitality for clothing to highlight the exclusivity of each person. It is core of Ishka philosophy to differentiate between every woman and deliver royal treatment and a private collection. Each outfit is made to be owned rather than just worn. Ishka is the ode to the powerful women, exemplifying the women of today - indulgent, modern yet sensitive to her tradition and culture.

Ishka is a statement of mature woman, who will command respect and stand out in any surroundings; she is modern and delicate about her choices and portrays her dressing and look with finest collection of outfits, jewellery and accessories to match its occasion with grace. She outshines the meaning of luxury and opulence with firm and vibrant choices in life. One who sets a trend and recognizes fashion with her way of life.


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